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It’s the new year, and I’m trying a little experiment.

I’m going to write about what I do each day from the perspective of a Founder that’s non-technical.

I honestly have no idea if people will find this interesting.

Or even if I can keep up with it.

But, either way, I’m going to do the best I can.


One thing that I think is really hard as a startup founder is accountability.

A good way to think of it is actually writing about my daily goals (those things that you keep privately to yourself).

Instead, I’m writing these online and sharing them with the world.

When you don’t feel accountable to anyone but yourself, it’s really hard to keep on track.

So, I thought by writing what I’m doing online each day, is like me checking off my goal list – but it also might

Today’s Focus: Maintenance & Organisation

My main focus today, is cleaning up things. And I think this is how the New Year often starts off for most people.

Most of us suck at being ‘organized’ and want to get better at it.

I know I do!

Well, I was cleaning up my bedroom and happened to notice that I had this massive stack of printed paper. Here’s an actual pic.

Tech News Sites

A long time ago, I printed off an article from the web (I don’t remember the name of the site) that listed a lot of tech sites and blogs.

So, today I’m going to contact them.

I’m well aware that “just using” their contact form will probably not work, and even if I got just one press feature from other

Here’s the list of the tech sites that I’m going to contact.

Full Disclosure: I don’t expect that this experiment will work, and if catches their eye for a split second, that’s good enough for me.

Later on, I plan to research this list more thoroughly (and do PR-work the right way). If we do manage to get picked up by one of these publications, I’ll be stoked!

On the bright side, my room is clean and that massive paper stack of a list is in the trash can.

And, this list of tech sites, is something I can refer to when we are press ready (we’re honestly a little too early for PR).


Phone Call – I had the pleasure of jumping on a quick call with David Tasker from Tech Invest. (It technically wasn’t a phone call, it was a call over Facebook Messenger – I’ve actually lost my cell, and haven’t bothered to get a new one as I think they are kind of outdated tech).

Emails – Replied to around 50 emails (I have 3 main email accounts).

FB DM Chats – Victoria Lai (Academy Xi), Ray Milidoni (Razor Sharp Podcast), Paul Towers (TaskPigeon) and Chris Bell (Constructas).

Facebook Groups – Replying to comments on Sydney Startups and the Australian Growth Hackers Facebook Groups.

Amazing Personal News Discovery:

Last year, I was handed an eviction notice from the little apartment I rent.

It came at the worst time when I was finishing up teaching a semester at Sydney University.

And, right when we’re getting ready to release the first beta version of PayPress.

The good news – the owner has decided not to sell. So, we can live a lit bit longer here. This was huge news for us (imagine trying to move, when you don’t have the time to do it).

It freed up so much mental clarity, and I’m truly thankful. Read what happens next.


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  • Paul Towers

    Hey Luke, cool insight into the daily things you do. Look forward to hearing more about what you do each day to get Ghacklabs and Paypress off the ground.