Podcasting Growth Hacking

Here’s how to growth hack a podcast by creating a cross referral loop. And, this could also be applied to content marketing.

Here’s the backstory …

A couple of days ago, I posted an experiment to BAMF. Then someone cool from this group reached out to me.

We had a quick chat.

That person was about to start a podcast. And asked me if I had any ideas about marketing it.

My thoughts … “Why not create a cross referral loop?”

And, double up by doing not one but two interviews at the same time:

1/ Person A: Interviews Person B

2/ Person B: Interviews Person A

 Then they publish both podcasts on the same day.

The key here is making sure to mention the other podcast in your interview so that they visit the second podcast.

That way, subscribers from one channel, go to visit the other podcast after they finish listening – and vice versa.

Example: John interviews Sarah on his podcast, and at the end of the podcast, let’s his subscribers know that Sarah will be interviewing him.

Then, some of John’s subscribers will visit Sarah’s podcast.

And, some of Sarah’s subscribers will go to John’s if she mentions it too.

Both podcasts get to double up by reaching not one, but two audiences at the same time.



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