Daily Goals

My main goal today is continuing on from yesterday, getting organized. Our main goal today (and for this year) is to be productive in 2017.

I think being productive all starts with being organized, free from distraction.

Today, I can proudly say that I got my email inbox down to zero. YAY!

Zero Inbox


An inbox full of emails is something that’s really distracting.

You’re trying to focus on one particular task, but that ’email burden’ somehow manages to block or keep you off task.

When those emails add up, you feel the weight of email burden – and your productivity slumps.

How Did I Get My Inbox Down To Zero?

When I’m in my inbox, there are a few things I like to do. The initial first thing is to check out the current time – so I can see how long it takes me to get through it all.

The second thing I like to do is – go straight to the folders that are not my direct inbox.

Things like the “promotions tab” and “social tab.” I usually find that most of the time, I delete almost everything here. But not always.

Then, I go to my inbox. There are a few I do and it all starts off with organizing my inbox.

Deleting Things:

I’ll delete stuff that I’m not interested in reading, or that looks spammy.

Creating and Using Gmail Tabs:

I’ll use “Gmail Tabs” to arrange my inbox.

Some of my favorite tabs that I use are a “to do” or “to read.”

If there is something “to do” I prefer to do it straight away, and if it’s not immediate – then, get back to it later.

These tabs, I only recently created them (and it’s something that I wish I had done a long time ago).

Archiving Posts:

As soon as I reply to an email, I’ll archive it. I find that if I don’t archive it, in a day or so, your inbox gets filled up pretty quick.

It could be that I check emails twice a day at specific times. Or, it could be that I check emails every two days (and get my inbox down to zero).

Only time will tell. But if I do work out some cool kind of routine, I’ll share it with you.

What Are My Goals Today?

  • Organizing my ghacklabs subscribers into lists.
  • Trying to fix up things for PayPress, and get it ready for launch.
  • I have some interviews to edit and post here on ghacklabs.

Why I Got Scared?

Right now, we have 552 subscribers signed up to ghacklabs. And some of the people that have signed-up are – quite influential.

This kind of scared me.

Ghacklabs Subscribers

I got scared to email the people that had signed up to our newsletter. I took our old blog offline and stripped it clean.

‘Naked,’ would be the perfect description.

I knew there were some typos, I knew that I could have written a lot of things much better. So that was my goal, improve everything.

Some of the people that signed up to Ghacklabs are from Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital, 500 Startups, Techstars and Airtree Ventures etc.

Because some of these people are influential, I’ve decided that it’s probably a good idea to separate our subscribers into different lists.

So, I want to separate all of our subscribers into lists. What those lists will be? – I haven’t worked that out yet.

What needs to happen with PayPress?

There’s a lot of things to do for PayPress before we officially launch. And, the three main things we have to do before it launches is –

  1. Setting up automation emails (every time somebody posts a project, makes a bid etc). Theirs around 10-20 webhooks that need to be created. It’s a lot of work and I hope to have this done by tomorrow.
  2. Double checking the copy on the website (about page, terms and conditions etc). Make sure everything reads well, and that there are no grammar mistakes or things that seem unclear or out of place.
  3. Get more PR people to sign up and create profiles.
  4. Get introductions to more marketplace founders, to find out what problems they faced when they launched – and if they have any advice for us.
  5. Make an official launch plan and date.

Today’s Communications:

Phone Call: I had a phone chat with Paul Towers from TaskPigeon (not a really phone chat, it was a Facebook Call).

Facebook Messenger DM’s: Had chats with Stefan Koritar (Director of Startup Grind Romania) and John Mitchell (Founder of Hapi).

Content Partner Emails: I’m in the process of setting up a content partner group and chatted to Jonathan Chan (Foundr Mag), Jon Westenberg (Speedlancer and Creatomic) and Paul Towers.

Creating a Content Partner’s Group:

Today, I created a secret content partner group for this on Facebook, and plan to only let at max (at any given time) 20 people. I capped it at 20 as it could get too noisy, and 20 feels like I nice number.

I already made one mistake with the group today – I chatted to some of the people first by email, and then inviting them to the group after. And, I think this whole process was flawed.

Even though I reached out to people on a personal level – what I realized …

‘The group didn’t feel personal enough.’

I’ve got to take it a step further and jump on some calls with people just so they get a better idea. So that’s what I’m going to do. And, maybe set up a quick Facebook group chat or something.

Amazing News:

Today’s interesting news.

A while ago, I noticed that somebody bought the domain name ‘Airtaskr dot com,’ and held on to it for around 3-4 years.

For some strange reason, I ran a GoDaddy search and noticed that the domain name was available. And looking at the domain holding history, it looked like someone was trying to make a quick buck of Tim.

I thought, fuck that. Tim is part of Sydney startups and I should look out for people.

And, if I did try and profit from Tim, it wouldn’t look good with the investment crowd here. There’s a good chance, I may raise capital at some point in time, and it’s better to have them.

Here’s a screenshot.


So, I gave it away to Tim Fung (CEO of Airtasker) … almost for free. I asked for two things:

  1. To get some honest feedback (on my previous startup idea, shushnote).
  2. And if I could get a free Airtasker tee.
Luke Fitzpatrick Airtasker
That’s me wearing an Airtasker t-shirt at my house. I just woke up so my face may seem a little more swollen than usual.

Tim was really nice and gave me some feedback on shushnote and of course, was more than happy to give me an Airtasker t-shirt.

He didn’t ‘directly’ say that my idea at the time ‘sucked’ – he just pointed out things that I needed to be aware of.

Thanks to Tim, I gave up that project and moved on to what I’m doing now (Ghacklabs & PayPress).

I think, it can be really hard for Founders’ to give up on an idea. But, if the market validation is telling you that it’s probably not going to work – then, don’t be afraid to move on.

Well, a long story short, I gave Tim’s team access to my GoDaddy account to take the domain name from me – and we all forgot about it.

But, today, Airtaskr dot com is now officially part of Airtasker!

That’s cool!



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  • Nick Foster

    Are you familiar with AirMail? It’s a really good email app for iOS/Mac. I’ve just recently switched to it, and it’s made inbox zero a lot easier for me. You should check it out!

    • I haven’t actually tried AirMail yet. I used something else before (I don’t remember what it was exactly … it was listed on Product Hunt) – but, I found it hard to get used to the layout change.

      Same thing happened with Google as well. They introduced their Google Inbox, and I still preferred the same old Gmail layout.

      I’m shooting for two things with zero inbox.
      1/ Trying to do email’s twice a day (once in the morning, once in the afternoon).
      2/ And, ‘tab’ things that I can come back to later (or want to read etc).

      It’s working right now (but who knows) if I can stick with it : )

      • Nick Foster

        Good luck! Organization is still definitely key. I still need to figure out a way to file away important emails that I want to refer back to…

        • Yeh, I find the ‘archive’ system works for stuff I know I can search. Then for other things, just create ‘special’ tabs that I can refer to when I need to.

          An example of one tab I use is a “to do list” – which mostly contains things like interview questions (people that I will write about, but haven’t yet).

          I was previously working at Sydney University – so I naturally created a “Sydney Uni” tab. It worked wonders for organising around my inbox so it didn’t get cluttered up.

          • Nick Foster

            I definitely use search a lot. I can almost always find what I’m looking for, but sometimes it requires some digging through results. That’s why I really need to make a filing system of things I refer back to fairly regularly, probably just with tags or labels or whatever.