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If you’re a startup and have a blog, the chances are that you’ve heard of SEO.

But, sometimes (and I was one of them) a lot of us may not care about SEO.

Before, I personally had things all wrong and never really bothered about SEO.

When you think about it, if you can get on the front page of Google search. SEO becomes really valuable!

Startups that are blogging, if you can learn how to do SEO when you first start – naturally you should get better at it.

What Are My Goals Today?

  • Getting at least one (preferably two) articles in draft.
  • Doing some SEO for Ghacklabs.
  • Writing for more publications.

Getting At Least One Article in Draft (Hopefully Two)

For all of those that don’t know, two Sydney startups created a bit of a storm today – Airtasker and Freelancer.

Freelancer is suing Airtasker over an advertising campaign titled ‘Like a Boss.’ The story was originally covered by Lindsay Bennett via AdNews.

Yesterday, I was writing about Airtasker (how I purchased their domain name) – and, by chance, discovered that Freelancer was suddenly suing Airtasker.

I posted this to the Sydney Startups Group on Facebook:

Airtasker and Freelancer
Sydney Startups Group

And boy, did it get a reaction. Tim Fung immediately responded and opened up with an AMA.

Tim Fung

There were countless comments too.

Matt Barrie, CEO of Freelancer joined in on the discussion.

Matt Barrie

But, I think Matthew Ho (admin for the Sydney Startups Facebook Group) summed it up perfectly …

Opinion About Freelancer and Airtasker Going to Court

Today, I’m hoping to get a couple of articles drafted up for some posts that I’m writing:

  • I plan to write an opinion piece about Airtasker and submit this to AdNews and possibly another one to Startup Daily.
  • Complete my draft for a directory listing startup that has mastered SEO for small business.
  • And, if I’m really lucky, finish off some more interviews.
SEO Startup

SEO for Ghacklabs

A little while ago, Al Bentley, Founder of Simply Wall St said:

Al Bentley Simply Wall St
Content Marketing Tips

So, I decided to put more effort into our SEO for Ghacklabs.

When I was first still new and I also got some SEO coaching from Manish Sharma.

Today, some of these results are starting to pay off and we’re on the front page of Google search not once – but a few times.

But, we do have some other problems that I’ll explain later.

Google Search Phrase: Techcrunch Trough of Sorrow

Listing: 2nd and 4th place.

Search Results: About 8,350 results.

The Techcrunch Trough of Sorrow
Ghacklabs Techcrunch Trough of Sorrow

Google Search Phrase: LinkedIn Marketing Secrets

Ranking: 7th and 8th place.

Search Results: About 2,580,000 results.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips
Ghacklabs LinkedIn Marketing Secrets

Google Search Phrase: Tayble App.

Ranking: 1st and 2nd place.

Search Results: About 4,830 results.

Tayble App
Tayble App Google Search Results

Google Search Phrase: TaskPigeon (with no space).

Ranking: 4th place.

TaskPigeon Google Search Results

Search Results: About 421 results.

Google Search Phrase: Task Pigeon (with a space between task and pigeon).

Ranking: 2nd place.

Search Results: About 648,000 results.

Task Pigeon
Task Pigeon Google Search Results


A lot of the keywords that I’m ranking for have ‘low search’ volume.

I’m still quite new to SEO, and I think I have most of the on page SEO worked out.

But, I need to evolve my SEO and focus more towards keyword research.

And also get better at other things like ‘off page SEO’ too.

Writing For More Publications:

I’m looking to write for more publications this year. And, it looks like I may have a chance to write for:

Today, I’m writing some guest articles for AdNews and TechInvest. If I’m lucky, they’ll accept my articles.

I plan to write more for Startup Daily, Startup Smart, and Geektime. And, begin contributing to Anthill Magazine.

And, begin contributing to other publications like Anthill Magazine.

Today’s Communications:

Twitter: Thiago Castro (Co-founder of Globofit) and Nick Foster (Founder of Staring at Phones).

Facebook Messenger: Manish Sharma (SEO Freelancer), Phil Tran (Founder of Tayble) and Jeremy Liddle (Co-founder of CapitalPitch).

Email: Lindsay Bennett (Reporter) and Jennifer Capp (Grammarly).

Note: I wanted to do some more follow-ups with the content marketing group I’m setting up – but didn’t get a chance.

Amazing News:

Finger’s crossed. I spoke to TechInvest and AdNews – I could be contributing to these publications.

I discovered that some of my articles are on the front page of Google search.

I reached out to Grammarly regarding their affiliate program.

I thought, why not see if they’d be open to letting me use it for free, in exchange for becoming an affiliate?

Turns out they were OK with this.

And, I just scored one free month of Grammarly. Woohoo!

Learn about the backstory Part One and Part Two.


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