The New Year is here, and we all have these things called ‘startup goals.’

When the new year clicks over, the first couple of weeks we’re all scrambling to work out a couple of key things that we want to achieve.

And I thought it would be interested to ask some founders about what their New Year’s Resolution are.

Here’s what they had to say for 2017.

Founders Share Their Startup Goals

Adrian Bunter, Co-founder of SolarCloud

Adrian Bunter

My Goal: To let anyone, anywhere get the benefits of using solar using SolarCloud.

David Smith, Founder of Knokal

David Smith

My Goal: To pay myself a salary and go outside once in a while.

Brijesh Mangla, Founder of Switched On Kids


My Goal: To transfer Switched On Kids from romanticism of a startup to a serious money-making machine.

Paul Towers, Founder of Task Pigeon


My Goal: To simply be a better version of myself today, compared to where I was yesterday.

Pham Ngoc Thach Ta, Blogs at Entrepreneur Story

Pham Ngoc Thach Ta
Pham Ngoc Thach Ta

My Goal: To improve efficiency and invest more time in our team members development.

Phil Tran, Founder of Tayble

Phil Tran
Phil Tran

My Goal: Sometimes it’s not about the “right” or “wrong” decision. It’s the decision that your team is most excited to work on.

Lynn Wood, Founder of IdeaSpies

Lynn Wood
Lynn Wood

My Goal: To find 200 more idea spies this year.

Roy Nassar, Founder of PDHQ

Roy Nassar
Roy Nassar

My Goal: Appreciate my wins and savor my victories regardless of how far I am from my ultimate goals. Every step forward is important no matter how small the step is. Learn to enjoy it and appreciate those moments is key for maintaining motivation.

Kelly Tagalan, General Manager at Code Club Australia

Kelly Tagalan

My Goals: Get 4000 more teachers trained to teach code in their classrooms. Shift the mindset – teaching your kids to code should be as common as teaching your students to swim. Find and showcase more female role models (STEM) in Australia for young girls to see and meet. Break the current world record of getting the most kids to code in a day. Currently, the record is set at 10,207.

Ben Lindsay, Co-founder of GoRepp

Ben Lindsay

My Goals: “It’s not about how much money you make per week, but how many people’s lives you can change” – Someone who disagrees with Jordan Belfort
NY Resolutions:
1) Help 1000 ambassadors improve their quality of lives.
2) Help 10 Australian startups grow.
3) Don’t eat chocolate Monday 12:00 am to Friday 6:00 pm.

Nick Foster, Writes on Staring at Phones

Nick Foster

My Goals: To get back into writing on the blog, and post a wider variety of content. I want to post more, shorter items, instead of the longer-form posts I used to do.

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